Touch of Class Aluminum & Ironworks is a fully custom metal fabrication facility. It is geared to provide a great customer experience throughout our design, fabrication, powder coating, and installation process. Every product that leaves our fabrication shop is one of a kind custom product where our client's vision is brought to life.


All of our products are pre-designed using AutoCAD, as per our client's guidelines and site measurements to ensure that the desired look and functionality is achieved. Upon approval, these designs are translated to shop layouts for fabrication. This process guarantees a smooth transition from an original concept idea to a fully functioning final product.



Our facility and shop staff are fully equipped to handle your desired product with care and precision. By utilizing high quality materials and equipment, our skilled staff can ensure that our standards are carried through from start to finish.


Powder coating

Powder coating is the application of a powdered paint to a metal surface using electrostatic. The process is then followed by the heating of the metal product to the melting point of the powder. This allows th powder to flow together and rap the surface creating a hard, smooth, and durable finish. This type of color finish is one of the most durable, long lasting and economical ways of preserving the color and quality of the metal product. All our products are powder coated unless  previously discussed otherwise.


Gates Installation, Gates Maintenance

Although this is the final step before completing the project, this step is the initial consideration prior to design. This means that all installation procedures are confirmed upon initial site survey to ensure a flawless execution of your vision.

The installation of some of our products can be carried out by a qualified installer other than Touch of Class Aluminum & Ironworks as per our provided guidelines, however we prefer to perform the installation.


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