Limited Warranty

Touch of Class Aluminum and Ironworks offers conditional warranty for a period of 10 years on all its products. The warranty is on extrusions and components against defects in fabrication and craftsmanship. This warranty applies if our product has been installed as per the proper installation instructions or by our qualified technicians, and is null and void if altered in any way from the proper installation instructions outlined by Touch of Class Aluminum & Ironworks.

The warranty offered by us on our products is null and void if the product has been abused, used improperly, or used beyond their specific limitations.


We reserve the right to inspect the product under claim at either the customer’s location or at our manufacturing facility at our discretion. Touch of Class Aluminum & Ironworks reserves the right to have the product returned to their manufacturing facility for full inspection with shipping and handling costs the responsibility of the client. We reserve the right to either replace the product or repair the product at Touch of Class Aluminum & Ironworks discretion.


Steel products, including those with zinc galvanizing under the powder coat may rust over time. Some rust weeping from joints is a normal occurrence as the powder coat cannot reach all the hidden joints. After it rains, rust may “weep” down from the crevices between the connecting bands or collars. We cannot guarantee against rust.


All product warranties are not assignable or transferable.





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